Adrienn Levai takes it outside in this lush set from photographer Robert Haas. As a DJ, Adrienn is used to bright lights, late nights and heavy beats, so when we offered her a calm, peaceful shoot in the Hungarian countryside, she leapt at the opportunity. In little more than a gingham shirt, she’s taking time to smell the roses – all that’s missing is someone to share it with. “In a man, I look for personality,” says Adrienn with a cute accent. “Physically, I don’t like big muscles and I don’t like fatsoes – I like medium build.” As for Miss Levai’s physique, we’ve got no complaints – that curvy, 36D figure would turn anyone green with envy. Or drive them wild with lust, for that matter. “I like when a man grabs my hair and slaps my butt,” hints Adrienn. Her biggest turn-on, though, is when a man isn’t threatened by her high-energy, party-hardy lifestyle. “You have to be able to handle it,” she says, to which we say: With pleasure, Miss Levai.


Adrienn Levai


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